My arm is fantastic, slept through the night for the first time since the accident after our session yesterday! I recommend you to everyone who is showing any signs of pain;) Anyways thanks for your magic hands!

I came to Jonathan 2 weeks after I severely dislocated my shoulder in an accident and had to wait more then 8 hours to have it relocated! there was major muscle damage and it was almost completely immobile when I arrived at his office. Jonathan was very accommodating and gentle with my extremely fragile shoulder while treating me. Within three days of my initial session I was back driving my stick shift car! It was remarkable how fast I was improving, it felt like every hour there was a noticeable change! By my next session a week later my arm was functioning at 60%! Almost immediately after my second session the mobility jumped to 75% and steadily improving! I have a very active lifestyle and was dreading being out of the game for many months, as my doctors predicted, and thanks to Jonathan I am back at the barn and my shoulder is feeling great! I am a believer in Bowen therapy, The results wholesale nfl jerseys speak for themselves!
Richelle Cornell

About once a year for the last 5 years I’ve had vertigo attacks. My family doctor said, it’s like lower back pain in that its prevalent and we don’t have a cure. I have tried acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy and other alternate therapies and some have helped but the vertigo still lingered on in a milder form for weeks and months. Then last month, it hit me again and for a couple of days it was all I could do to sip water and fumble my way to the bathroom once in a while. I sought help from Jonathan and the Bowen Therapy for the first time. I felt some relief immediately after my first session and after 3 sessions with Jonathan, the vertigo was completely gone. I’ve now had a several months free of the slightest tinge of vertigo and, as well, I feel wonderful.” Thanks Jonathan!

My knee is feeling much better–I’m frankly amazed at how well Bowen works (and your skill probably has a lot to do with it also) for the effort required to administer the therapy–Bowen must rank as the most energy efficient therapeutic modality in the world. In past therapeutic sessions for this same problem, I’ve been yanked, cranked, cracked and poked without nearly the same results–very impressive.”
Andrew Munawera

It’s fantastic!!! Since the beginning of December, 1 1/2 years ago, I had developed chronic pain in my left arm that’s remained so excruciating I couldn’t think striahgt and nor could I sleep. It was diagnosed as arthritis, I’d been to chiropractor, physiotherpist and massaeur. Nothing helped. After the first Bowen Therapy visit it felt worse till the next morning where I felt nothing at all and I’ve vrouw been 100% since.”
M. Coulson age 84

Hi Jonathan, I hope all is well with you? Get I was introduced to Bowen Therapy two weeks ago in one of your classes in Toronto. I had a problem with my sciatica…..again I say with thankfulness, I HAD a problem! I wanted to let you know and also thank you Jonathan for the improvement with my back. I saw on your card that you’re located in Vancouver. I lived in Burnaby for a short time when I was in my early twenties…beautiful area, I really wholesale nba jerseys enjoyed it. I will look for that technique in the Timmins area. Take good care of yourself and God bless you.”
Regards, Jean-Francois Fortin

I’m a 75 years young man. Its thanks to the Bowen Therapy Recognize by Jonathan that I can enjoy both ballroom and latin dance classes four times a week. Despite a hip and knee problem that prevented me from even ascending the stairs without pain. It Bowen is the best treatment I’ve found for the problem of ligament and tendon.”
P. Lehikonian

Due to the alignment of my bite, I have ground my teeth for years during my sleep. I heard about Bowen Therapy from a friend of mine; although I did not truly understanding the modality, I had a session with Jonathan Damonte. The day after I found the muscle tension in my jaw was gone. It was a profound treatment.”
N. Borden

After ten months of struggling to heal a severe Frozen Shoulder through acupuncture, chiropractic and rest, I finally found Jonathan Scoliosis Damonte and Bowen Therapy. The pain and complete immobility were devastating my lifestyle and ability to work. Just 5 sessions later, I considered myself to be 80% healed. After 4 more sessions I was 99% improved. It is now 10 months later and I consider my bout of frozen shoulder a thing of the past. I will seek Jonathan’s help first for till any sports related injury in the future.”
Peter Gardiner-Harding, Corporate Actor and Learning Facilitator

“After 20 years of visiting my chiropractor, I was at my wit’s end.
After 3 Bowen treatments, my chronic back pain is completely gone…”
Fay Gordon, Financial Advisor

“Each Bowen treatment lasted about an hour and corrected more of the chronic Scoliosis condition. After the first three treatments my injury was completely cured! Today, I feel like a genuine success story. wholesale nfl jerseys With only half a dozen Bowen cheap jerseys treatments, I stand taller and my spine has undergone a re-patterning and now remembers its correct position.”
Allison Heath, Montreal

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