Pain Relief Simplified!

D.P. Aged 67 – Returned to the clinic after her initial 2 Bowen Therapy treatments 6 months earlier. It took a gdje little time to remember her original condition and thankfully I had made good notes. She reported that since the first 2 treatments she had not returned to her Silver chiropractor just as I had predicted to her. Her original scoliosis had completely disappeared for 6 months and she had just started to relapse and was in for a tune-up.

It’s always so impressive to me when I hear the story so long after the fact, I am now unable to remember each and every client as there are so many and a person only comes in a few times for treatment. So, it’s truly inspiring to hear these amazing stories after so simple a therapy.

It’s not what I do that makes the difference for the majority of clients; it is how they respond to the treatment afterwards. The body really does know how to get better all I help is to get the reactive patterns out of the way.

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