Vancouver & White Rock Be Well Now Centre for Bowen Therapy

Welcome Siân

SianWe’re happy to announce that Siân Rackham RT, CBT, will be stepping into both locations for all Bowen Therapy clients now that Jonathan has relocated to Salt Spring Island.

Many of you have already met Siân as she has spent many hours in the clinic observing my method. Siân is an accomplished Bowen Therapist with whom you can have every confidence in. The continuity and quality of care is very important to us. Siân and Jonathan will remain in close communication when needed and we are both absolutely confident this transition will be a successful one with no lapse in the effectiveness of your treatment.

About Siân, after 28 years in laboratory science she is thrilled to enter this new chapter. She discovered Bowen Therapy after being a client for low back pain. She’d always been to chiropractic for the continued bouts of pain from a chronic alignment issue and was so impressed with the cure that Bowen Therapy gave, in so few treatments. Never needing chiropractic again Siân decided to study with The North American Bowen Teaching College and became a fully Certified Bowen Therapist (CBT).

Goodbye Jonathan

JDKBADDear Clients and friends.

It’s with many mixed emotions I share with you the news that my family, Kathya, Arabella and I are relocating from the Lower Mainland to Salt Spring Island as of this August 15th.

There I will remain in practice as a Bowen Therapist and still be available to you for  Homeopathy via telephone and internet and I will continue to teach both Bowen Therapy and Homeopathic medicine.

I’m truly sad to leave as I feel so close to you and all my clients, Jonathan

Any outstanding Gift Certificates or packages of treatments will be honored by the clinic as normal.

The Be Well Now Centre

Specializing in treating pain and treating the chronic diseases that cause it.

Founded by Jonathan Damonte RSHom (NA), CCH, CBT, a classically trained homeopath and physical therapist, in 1999. The centre strives to offer therapies that are at once the simplest and most effective but also the most affordable.


Efficacy | Efficiency | Empathy

Efficient tools to improve your health

Bowen Therapy

Re-Structuring for Chronic Pain Relief
Re-Balancing of Bodily Systems
Re-Alignment of Muscle, Nerves, Tendons & Joints treating conditions such as, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, TMJ Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica…and much more!


Our values, focus on cost, time and efficiency. The therapy chosen should be effective and that should be obvious. You get better because we help by getting what is in the way of your good health, out of the way.

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