Vancouver, White Rock & Now Tsawwassen The Be Well Now Centre for Bowen & Homeopathy

Efficient tools to improve your health


Constitutional prescribing
For Acute & Chronic diseases
Children & Infants Welcome

Homeopathy is a medicine unlike any other in that it causes your own body and its vitality to work more effectively.

Bowen Therapy

Re-Structuring for Chronic Pain Relief
Re-Balancing of Bodily Systems
Re-Alignment of Muscle, Nerves, Tendons & JointsTreating conditions such as, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, TMJ Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica…and much more!


Our values, focus on cost, time and efficiency. The therapy chosen should be effective and that should be obvious. You get better because we help by getting what is in the way of your good health, out of the way.



Efficacy | Efficiency | Empathy

The Be Well Now Centre

Specializing in treating pain and treating the chronic diseases that cause it.

Founded by Jonathan Damonte RSHom (NA), CCH, CBT, a classically trained homeopath and physical therapist, in 1999. The centre strives to offer therapies that are at once the simplest and most effective but also the most affordable.

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